Mushroom Powder - Adaptogen Blend

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    Benefits Of Adaptogen Blend:

    1. Reishi: Supports occasional stress and promotes restful sleep.
    2. Cordyceps: Like a pep squad for your body, helps promote and sustain natural energy.
    3. Asian Ginseng: Helps promote and sustain natural energy and supports occasional stress
    4. Ashwagandha: Supports occasional stress and symptoms of fatigue.
    5. Tulsi: Supports healthy skin and hormone support.
    6. Gynostemma: Immune system support and helps sustain natural energy.
    7. Amla: Supports metabolic functions and could have anti-aging properties.
    8. Schisandra: Supports cognitive function and endurance.
    9. Turmeric: Rich in antioxidant properties.
    10. Ginger: Supports digestion.
    11. Black Pepper: Facilitates digestion and could have antibacterial qualities.