Poncho - Zpacks

  • Constructed from Black 1.0 oz/sqyd Dyneema Composite Fabric which provides good abrasion and puncture resistance that can stand up to wear and tear. The material is waterproof and not breathable so it is important to have air flow at the neck, sides, and waist to stay cool
  • The outside of the poncho goes towards the ground when in groundsheet mode. The hood will be underneath covering the neck opening.
  • Fitted Hood with visor keeps water off your face.
  • Waterproof zippers at the neck and sides for venting.
  • Half length separating zippers at each side ensure the sides can’t blow open in the wind. An elastic belt at the waist allows you to snug the poncho around you for warmth when needed, or leave it loose for air flow.
  • Bonded hood and neck seams! No seam sealing necessary.
  • Coverage down to about mid-thigh on a 5′ 9″ person w/ a small backpack. You may want Rain Pants or a Rain Kilt.
    The poncho width covers to mid-arms. Expect wet arms. A poncho may not be suitable as your only rain gear in colder weather.
  • 1 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship on all Zpacks gear.