Self Love

Self-love is the foundation of recovery, self-growth, and manifesting your dreams. If you are new to practicing self-love I encourage you to check out my FREE “Jumpstart to Your Future Self” eBook where I explain in detail my top 6 favorite self-love techniques. These include: Journaling, Meditation, Mindfulness, Taking time for yourself, Treating your body well, Saying farewell to relationships that do not contribute positively to your life.

When starting out, I suggest trying a few of these techniques each week. Once you begin to feel more comfortable using them, try incorporating them into your daily routine. Ultimately, you want practicing self-love to come naturally and effortlessly without a to-do list or alarm reminding you.

Establishing a sense of love and compassion for yourself will help everything fall into place. You will notice yourself becoming more aware of reality and your worries will begin to fade away. You may even notice that you are feeling more grateful and more positive than ever before. These feelings work hand in hand with the law of attraction. This is the concept that good things happen when we send our positive intentions out into the universe.

Imagine if without even trying to - you began making room for more beneficial things in your life, reaching your goals at a much faster rate, and feeling less stressed, less anxious, and less guilty. All of these things are likely to occur if you become consistent with practicing self-love. When you feel worthy, loved, and understood, it becomes effortless to re-prioritize your life. If you are interested in learning more about the life-changing power of self-love, I encourage you to download my Self Love E-Book!

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