Vegan Food Pyramid
The Truth About Dairy
57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan
Vegan Protein Chart
Vegan Body Building
10 Reasons To Stop Eating Red Meat
American Dietetics Association Position on Veganism
Low Carbohydrate Diets and Mortality
Plant Foods Have A Complete Amino Acid Composition
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    101 Reasons To Go Vegan
    Forks Over Knives (on Netflix)
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    Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 90 Days
    The Truth About Eggs
    The Secrets of Food Marketing
    Food Choices (Free on Youtube)
    Food Matters (on Netflix)
    Fed Up (on Netflix)

              FOR THE ANIMALS

              ARTICLES & RESEARCH:
              A Theory of Ethics
              Veganism, Ethics & Diet
                VIDEOS & DOCUMENTARIES:
                Earthlings (on Netflix)
                The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear
                Live and Let Live
                Peaceable Kingdom
                A Life Connected
                The Emotional World of Farm Animals

                  FOR THE PLANET

                  ARTICLES & RESEARCH: 
                  Veg for the Planet
                  Cowspiracy Facts
                  For the Environment
                  Livestock's Long Shadow
                  US Carbon Savings Table
                    VIDEOS & DOCUMENTARIES:
                    Meat the Truth (Free on Youtube)
                    Sustainable Table (Free on SnagFilms)

                      MORE RESOURCES

                      HEALTH PROMOTING RECIPES:
                      Building A Healthy Vegan Grocery List
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                      10 Vegetables That Can Substitute for Meat
                      The Buddhist Chef
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                        Meat, Dairy and Egg Alternatives
                        The 8 Best Milk Alternatives
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                          EATING VEGAN ON A BUDGET:
                          Plant Based on a Budget
                          Bounty on a Budget
                          $1.50 a Day Vegan Challenge
                            VEGAN IN COLLEGE:
                            Guide to Being Vegan in College
                            Vegan College Dorm Food Guide
                            Vegan Break
                              FREE TRANSITION GUIDES:
                              Friends of Animals Vegan Starter Guide
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                                Raw Alignment's 5 Day Raw Vegan Recipe Guide
                                7 Days Raw by Kate Flowers
                                Raw Holidays by Kate Flowers
                                Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
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