Raw Alignment Founder, Alyse Brautigam

Alyse Brautigam is the founder of Raw Alignment ~ a platform focused on empowerment and self-love. She was born and raised in Connecticut, then moved to Georgia to study at Life University. At this time Alyse was also going to school online with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach (became certified in 2015). Only 8 months from graduating at Life University she decided to drop out of college and pursue her dream of living in Hawaii and inspiring people around the world to live a healthier lifestyle.

She established Raw Alignment in late 2014 and in less than 3 years has gained over half a million YouTube subscribers. It's no surprise that Alyse's channel has exploded... her subscribers often refer to her as "the older sister they never had" and say things like "It's so refreshing to watch Raw Alignment videos because I always walk away feeling motivated to take action towards my goals" + "the world would be a brighter place if more people lived the way that Alyse does". 

Alyse is a very prominent and positive authority figure within the vegan and self help communities. The main message she shares via social media is the concept that "we are all worthy of living in abundance in every aspect of our lives". In addition to following a primarily raw vegan diet, Alyse is also an advocate for embracing our natural bodies (ex: body hair on women), living simply (minimizing our material belongings), fitness (especially weightlifting), and of course... cultivating self-love!

A typical day in Alyse's life includes waking up bright and early (between 6 & 7am), making a fruit smoothie, heading to the gym for an intense weight lifting session, coming home to shower, drink a post workout smoothie, and check her 'Passion Projects' list.

The later part of her morning includes working on Raw Alignment. This usually includes a variety of the following... planning/filming/editing YouTube videos, creating a new page for her upcoming positive affirmation coloring book, or collaborating with fellow entrepreneur friends.

The middle of Alyse's day tends to take place at a local beach or waterfall, where she relaxes in the sunshine or goes swimming with friends! Evenings are usually quite mellow for Alyse. Around 6pm is when she enjoys a big salad, unwinds, and writes out her 'Passion Projects' list for the next day!