You Are Enough.

You are enough…

in this moment, in your current expression, exactly as you are.

You are the perfect embodiment of every moment, experience and lesson in your life thus far, and your personality, body, presence… the whole package… is a perfect representation of your inner knowing.

And that inner knowing is enough.

It’s ridiculous how enough you are!

I know… you may be rolling your eyes after reading that last sentence, your inner critic shouting from within, “No, I’m not!”

If you did indeed feel any degree of resistance, disbelief or frustration at the concept of your adequacies, then its time to tackle those nasty limiting beliefs that are telling you that you are not already whole, worthy and lovable.

This is not to say you are everything you ever will be. No, you’ll continue growing, stumbling occasionally and sitting with your mistakes. Even though you may not be flawless, does not mean you are not enough. You are enough from the depths of your being.

Just simply being is enough.

You don’t need to wait until you lose 10 pounds, score your dream job, or nab that cute guy you’ve been checking out at the gym for months to start believing it.

You can start believing it right now.

In order for us to rise to our fullest potential, we need to begin with a strong, firm foundation of self worth and love. Do not wait until you achieve your goals to start embracing your self-worth. In order to achieve your goals you must start believing that you are worthy of achieving them. You need to start believing that “you are enough.”

Right now. Exactly where you are in life.   

You. Are. Enough.

The thing is… if you don’t feel enough, you may not even get started at all. “I’d like to apply to that job that I’m perfectly qualified for, but I don’t believe I’m enough,” says the inner critic.

Stop getting in the way of your own greatness.

By giving permission to your inner critic to crush your potential, you give away your power to rise to a life of your highest purpose. This inner critic does not see reality correctly. Our insecurities and self doubts are skewed perceptions of reality.

A sure trick to differentiate between reality and the inner critic’s perception of you is to compare your self-perception with how a loved one views you.

Do you have a best-friend that can’t stop singing your praises? Perhaps your romantic partner reminds you often of the characteristics that they adore and appreciate most about you. Even our colleagues or perfect strangers can reflect our admirable and strong qualities.

When I lose sight of my worth, it does not take long to reaffirm my greatness through the reflections of those who love me most.

Learn to view yourself through the eyes of those who believe in you.

Their view, belief and confidence in you may be different than how you choose to see yourself.

Though most importantly, know that you do not need to receive external affirmations of your perfection. The true way of keeping the inner critic in check is coming to understand for yourself that you are enough. Begin by building awareness of your thoughts and when you find yourself berating or belittling yourself, comparing yourself to others or telling yourself you’re not enough this or that, step in and call the inner critic out.

The inner critic has a tendency to size ourselves up to others, comparing our own uniqueness to the expression, successes and lives of others.

Comparing ourselves to others is futile.

Marvel at your own existence. There has never been, nor will there ever be again, anyone quite like you. You could spend a lifetime feeling small in the brightness of ourselves, or you can let loose the celebration of all that is you.

Shine in all that you are.

It’s often in moments of emotional lows that we witness the inner critic come out in full force. With a growing awareness you can begin to recognize this inner critic as a bully and learn to not take their stories and jabs to heart. Learn to not think of yourself as "too much" or "too little" and sit with your emotions with patience, compassion and curiosity.

What are you feeling?

And what is it trying to tell you?

What shadow is coming to the surface so that you may shine light onto it?

If you're having a tough time, just know that all that you're experiencing is a part of this grand emotional palate we are gifted with in life. Your emotions, both heavy and light, are beautiful and they make you human.

There’s no room for bullies inside your own head.

There’s already enough forces in the world that are trying to put us down and make us feel inferior to others.

Be your own “knight in shining armor.”

Take out the mental trash and tell the inner critic that you won’t tolerate their put downs anymore.

This won’t always be achieved with ease. For many of us, we are working against years of selling ourselves short and chewing ourselves down with negative self-talk, whether internally or out loud.

Be patient with yourself.

If you don’t see results immediately, don’t use it as fuel to further beat yourself down.

No matter how many times you may fall, know that you’re worth the battle.

Get back up.

When the inner critic comes picking for a fight, open your heart to self-compassion. A remarkable tool to spark your compassion is to envision yourself when you were a small child. Children can be prone to feeling scared, small, lost… hold yourself as a small child, speaking tender and kind words of comfort. We tend to treat children with gentleness due to their innocence. Why treat yourself any differently?

Take a deep breathe. Say to yourself…

“I love and accept myself, unconditionally, as I am, right now.”

Return to this affirmation each time you catch yourself putting yourself down. Hold yourself accountable to being kinder and more supportive of your journey. You have the capacity to be your greatest support and cheerleader.

The best kind of love is without conditions.

A love of this power, strength and magnitude dwells within you, always. It does not care what size you are, what your complexion is like, if you excel in school or not. It simply exists, without expectation or demands of performance or status.

Bathe in this love.

Nurture and cultivate it. Care for it and yourself as you would a small child.

And watch it grow.

Your love has the power to heal the whole world. For now, let it heal you. All you need to do is step out of its way.

You are enough.

All my love,
~ Alyse


  • Steph

    Just when I thought I hit rock bottom again and was fearing my own life .. I read this and feel so happy it scares me to even say that since I haven’t In so long .. thank you. Truly and sincerely from the bottom of my heart, you came as an angel at the perfect timing. Know that what you’re doing is really changing people’s lives.

    Stephanie ❤️?

  • Samantha

    Your messages have changed my perspectives so many times and I really thank you and appreciate you spreading inspiration when people need it the most. Sending so much love your way!! ?

  • amy(coco nin on youtube)

    alyse..i just posted a video thanking have come at a perfect time in my life..i always saw your videos but just subscribed to you channel and your wisdom for 23 years old ASTOUNDS me!!! I aspire to do what youre doing on youtube and with coaching, there are just many things i have to learn ( and purchase like a macbook for editing)..if nothing else, you have reminded me to always believe in my going to just put content out on my channel and hope it resonates with people..thank you so much,,i love you…

  • Alva

    Thank you so much. For being the beautiful and true you and sharing your kind and loving words. I love you and your work! <3

  • Katie

    I struggle with this concept of being “enough” and feeling happy with who I am right now more than I even think I know. I always have the mindset of “On Monday I’ll start eating better” “Tomorrow morning is a new day so right now I can binge on this food”. I am going to try to work hard to get out of this mindset and into this new one you are speaking of! One thing this article made me realize is that I don’t think I have enough people surrounding me that “believe in me”. I am also going to work on making a bigger circle of like minded people in my life(: Thanks for everything you do!

  • Ieva

    Thank you. Perfect timing for your message. No later just now!

  • LOrraine UKleya

    I want to thank you so much for reminding people how great they are, sometimes society gets in the way of people’s thinking. Your so motivating ?? keep up with what your doing ???

  • Tessa

    I love and accept myself, unconditionally, as I am, right now.”
    Thank you for sending this beautiful message ♥

  • Alison

    This post is inspiring and uplifting! I am thankful I found raw alignment, these posts and what you right about are truly makin a difference in my life and others!

  • Agnes

    Thank you. ❤️

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