Releasing Love That Does Not Serve You

Are you hanging onto a partner who does not value your presence in their life? Does your relationship inspire feelings of self-doubt and lack of confidence instead of sparks of aliveness? Are you constantly feeding your time and energy into a one-way relationship when your other doesn’t meet you halfway?

If your relationship feels loveless, hostile and stingy, this message is for you.

How do you feel in the presence of your love? If your answer reveals pain, mistrust and a closed heart, consider this your wake up call to reassess if you are in a relationship that serves your highest potential or fails to nourish your growth.

The time is now.

Our thoughts shape our reality and inform our choices by shaping what we believe to be possible. Feeding the fear that you won’t experience love again is not only enforcing a limiting belief, it’s accepting an utter lie as truth. Each and every one of you possesses unfathomable depth to offer to a partner.

You are worthy of a relationship that adds value to your life, appreciates and respects your needs and desires and celebrates all that you are.

And the sooner you embrace these truths in place of the false views that keep you holding onto lower vibrational relationships, the sooner you’ll make room for partnerships that truly nourish you and your growth.


It can feel frightening bringing a partnership to an end. Not only do we create great emotional and at times logistical entanglements with lovers (such as shared homes, friends, activities), but we also grow accustomed to not facing the occasional loneliness that can come from being alone.

Do not let the fear of loneliness stop you from making room for the beloved that will make you give thanks it never worked out with all the others.

Make room in your life to rediscover yourself in the rebirth of breathing life back into your energy by releasing those who drain it.

We can only attract that which we perceive as possible. What qualities in a partner do you desire?

Name what you’re calling in. Get clear on what you want.

Do you desire a relationship filled with laughter and enthusiastic curiosity? Do you crave a lover who supports you in your life purpose and pursuits? Do you long for a companion who listens patiently and with deep understanding when you share vulnerabilities?

Start believing you are deserving and worthy of this kind of love.

You are strong and capable of transforming your life. It begins with you rejecting abuse and people who don't see your worth. Love and respect yourself and when you set this bar where it belongs, you will not accept anything less. You don't deserve anything less.

Make room in your life for someone who treats you the way you treat yourself: with compassion, consideration and love.

Find the courage you take the step. It already dwells within you.


You are courageous and able to release all that does not serve you.

You are deserving of loving relationships that nourish and encourage your growth.

You are worthy of a life of passionate love and awe-provoking connection.

It begins with you.


  • Sophie

    Thank You Alyse, i suffered so much from a toxic relation for years, that now it takes me time to rebuild my own, my health and mental, it ’s a very hard way for me, and i am not so young so..but once you realized what toxicity is , once you felt so down, you have to find the courage deep in you , the strenght to go forward, you absolutely have to do it, even if you are weak, so weak, but one day it happens, never feel discourage, never give up, never

    Thank You so much

  • Aleah

    I am a long time you tube follower of raw alignment. Love your videos so much. This little number here relates with me today. I truly believe everything happens the way it’s suppose to and it’s so funny because I popped over here about the coloring book but, found myself reading this and it’s exactly what was suppose to occur.
    Thank you.

  • Taylor

    Needed this… my relationship of 3 years just came to a sudden end. I know it’s a good thing because I don’t want to be in a relationship where I’m not appreciated, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Time to work on myself and filling the void by finally learning to love me for who I am.

  • Maci

    love this. :)

  • Karma

    Thankyou Alyse , this really resonates with me today, I have been thinking exactly these thoughts. You are amazing x

  • Ginnifer Fluker

    I read this at the most perfect time of my life. I just recently (2 weeks ago) ended a relationship where i found myself putting my wants and needs in the rear, and put all of my focus on helping an individual who needs to find themselves. I missed out so much on being catered to and wanting the same care and affection i gave, but i was not receiving.
    This gave me such an awakening that I most definitely needed. Hurting people hurt people, and one cannot not love another being if they do not value or love themselves.
    Thank you so much for this Alyse ! You are most definitely a ray of sunshine.

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