Leading Lives of Grace: Practicing "Loose Grip" in Our Pursuit of Greatness

Have you ever been struck with the awe of the very moment you have arrived to? The very moment you are now experiencing? And perhaps how, it is far from what a younger, less lived version of yourself could have ever dreamed of, anticipated or fathomed as possible.

Even if your life thus far has played out exactly as you have day dreamed of for years, perhaps you know someone this may apply to.

The once workaholic, aspiring journalist hustling and living in New York City, now studying tai chi at a monastery in a country not of her own.

The overachieving PhD student that left her program to pursue her dream of being a vegan restaurant owner and chef.

The big shot executive that gave up years of working her way up a corporate ladder to live off-grid in a tiny home and grow her own food.

The once full-time barista now running her own ethical, sweatshop free fashion line and boutique.

Maybe even your very own oscillating and shifting dreams portray this reality.

Think back to a younger version of yourself… 5, 10, 20 years ago.

What was it that you day dreamed of? What was your vision of success? What were you striving to achieve?

And how does it match to your visions and dreams of today?

Sometimes, I am struck with amazement at the life I live today and how it is far more fantastic than a younger, less lived version of myself could have ever dreamed was possible.

With each lived experience, memories made and lessons learned, our future trajectories are influenced and affected. For many of us, there maybe future events, that may completely transform the direction of our lives.

There maybe some hidden passion, not yet uncovered burning drive that will only come with perfect, divine timing. And with its arrival, it can open doors and pathways that your previous knowledge had no awareness of.

Can you be like a river and live your life in flow?


Look for the Signs

I felt compelled to write this blog after concluding and posting a recent entry on how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your biggest and grandest dreams.

While I absolutely stand by this practice and application of universal law, I think we can skillfully move through our life with greater grace when we practice it with a “loose grip.”

What do I mean by loose grip?

When we become too rigid in what it is we think we want, we may lose sight of the infinite alternative paths present to us.

So while its more than acceptable and even encouraged to have dreams and ideas for what we want for the future... just remember to stand open to all you have yet to experience and know. Strive, take steps and action towards your ultimate dream life, with this understanding that what it is you are seeking is informed by what you believe you want in this very moment.

Who is to determine what your heart song will call for with experience and time?

When we pursue our goals with a tight grip, grasping with anxiousness and non-adaptive ambition, we may be subjecting ourselves to greater suffering when and if we experience any setbacks, challenges or obstacles presenting themselves on our path of pursuit.

Can you run towards all the passions you are hungry for while still welcoming the boundless opportunities presented to you as your life expands?

Over planning kills magic.

And we are all worthy of living lives rich and deep in magic!

Be open to the signs of the universe.

Be open to the goals and ambitions of your life today evolving and transforming as you do too.

There’s no shame or abandonment in this process… only the never ending evolution of our lives.

Go with the Flow

Practicing loose grip can be applied to our day to day lives as well.

Ever experience what was “meant” to be a joyous, well thought out and planned day turn sore simply because it did not go as you had envisioned?

There are immeasurable circumstances and potential happenings that can occur any given day that we can never anticipate.

Were you looking forward to your perfect beach day just to wake up to cloudy skies and rain?

You have a choice… you can sulk and suffer all day for what is out of your control, or you can flow into the new possibilities, turning your rainy day into a perfect self-care day, with nourishing home cooked meals, indulging in those books you’ve been neglecting and relaxing into a self-curated spa day, bath bombs, facials and all!

I trust we all have witnessed life’s wild unpredictability. We can relate to this common fluctuation of tides as one of life’s many grand teachings. We don’t need to force anything. We do not need to plan out every perfect detail of our life and grasp tightly onto a need for them to be actualized exactly as we dream of them.

You don’t have to have a plan in life to be taken to exactly where you need to be.

Do you have faith in the inevitable success of your life? Do you trust that you are fully and wholeheartedly supported by the universe?

Guess what… you are.

We have a choice.

We always have a choice.

The choice to either fixate and get entangled in the immense conditions that are often out of our control, or to focus our attention, efforts and energies on the things in life we can affect and direct.

Let things happen and fall into place. Stop overthinking your every step and choice.

Know that whatever it is that you resist, will persist, so take the path of no resistance.

Here, you’ll find ample space to celebrate the joyous twists and turns in your life’s plot. Here, you’ll get to surrender to all that is out of your control. Here you can choose to leap into the caring embrace of the Universe, knowing and trusting you’ll be caught if you ever fall.

Like a Leaf on a Stream

If today I can experience deep astonishment at the wondrous, deep and fulfilling life I lead today, who’s to say I won’t continue to be moved and amazed at how my life blossoms and blooms in time?

There’s so much in store for us, some of which our wildest imaginations cannot even dream of.

Abandon resistance to forces out of your control. Accept where and how you can influence and create change. Embrace this mystery. Celebrate the unknown.

Make the choice to flow with the great, mysterious river of life. We may not always know where and how it twists and bends. This is part of its beauty.

We can navigate the ever changing waters of life as the visionaries and captains of our own ships, always with an awe and love for the unknown adventures of shores yet ventured.

In the pursuit of your greatness, don’t lose sight of the very moments you are currently living.

When you try to control everything, you enjoy nothing. Breath, let go and surrender, and trust that all that life brings and gifts you is aiding you in your growth. Life is always teaching us. Life is always bringing us closer to where we need to arrive.

We can learn to trust that however things happen, whichever way it goes, is for the best. We need only make room in our visions for how things fall into place. Grant your dreams permission to adapt, shift and be informed by all of your life’s happenings and events.

All you need to do is let go and float.


  • Amanda Krueger

    This was exactly what I needed to hear this morning.
    Love and light,

  • Gabriella Palazzo

    Wow, thank you so much for this.

    I find myself really struggling to accept the constant change of life… I often realize that I am forcing a situation that wasn’t meant to or shouldn’t happen… I think I stop myself every day and ask myself, “Why do I feel so hectic? Why is my brain in a whirl? Why aren’t I calm and taking things one step at a time, instead of feeling like I have to rush this way and that way and accomplish thus and so?” I guess I really struggle with letting go and finding peace with myself and the present. This post helped my breathe a little and put things into perspective again. :-)

    Thank you again!

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