How To Discover Your Life Purpose

Do you wake up every morning dreading going to work? Have you been putting all your energy into a job that leaves you feeling uninspired and drained? Are you investing the majority of your time into a career that lacks meaning and value to you?

You’re not alone.

The priorities of the “modern day” person would suggest that life consists of spending the majority of your existence working endless hours at a mundane job to accumulate an excess of possessions and a sizeable retirement fund to finally attempt to enjoy yourself in your later chapters of life. If we were to only ascribe to society’s ideas of life’s pursuits and purpose, perhaps we’d all be chasing after money signs in the never ending rat race of earning, spending and repeating.

I don’t know about you, but what’s been fed to us as the only or proper way of surviving in today’s world doesn’t sound so appetizing to me. Do you dare deviate this master plan and define something unique for yourself?

How do you define the purpose of life?

I know. That’s no simple question, but one worth pondering in our impermanent state of limited days and moments. How will you choose to live your precious, unique, beautiful life? How can you claim your happiest life today?

What is your purpose in life? 

≫ Follow Your Bliss.

One of the surest ways to find answers to this deep, pervading question is by following your bliss. Ask yourself, “What can’t I live without?” Is there a passion in your life that when completely absorbed you lose track of time? The saying goes, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!” Consider how you wish to be remembered. How do you want to invest your time and energy?

Start dreaming the all so possible dream in which your greatest passions can also become your livelihood and mode of sustaining yourself.

Perhaps you don’t even get paid to give this service to the world. We often put too much emphasis on career and what we do as livelihood as defining our worth and who we are. So much so that one of the first questions we are upon meeting someone new is, “What do you do?” “Well, I do a lot of things!” I often enjoy responding to playfully challenge the notion that to know me is to know my day job. I encourage you to answer the more important question that leads to the essence of who you are… “What are you passionate about?”

Now go do that!

You can live your life’s purpose and spirit’s desired service whether or not it provides an income. Perhaps you really love animals? I trust you would get great fulfillment and soul nourishment from volunteering at an animal shelter or sanctuary.

Maybe your greatest passion is dancing, but you don’t wish to compromise your relationship to it with the involvement of money and its influence. Then find ways to share your love of movement through performances or offer dance instruction to those who couldn’t access it otherwise.

We can fulfill our life’s calling in ample and creative ways. You can fill the cup of your passions whether or not it pays the bills.

What does your heart song sing?

If we all ask with deep sincerity, we’d all find a similar answer: to live a happy life.

So how does one achieve a life of content and meaning?

A meaningful life is one that connects you with others in a way that contributes to their lasting happiness, as well as your own. Consider what unique traits, talents and experiences you possess and then ask yourself how you can use these to better the world?

Are you a patient and empathetic listener? Consider being a counselor or mentor for those struggling with mental illness, recovering from addiction or healing from trauma. Do you love to bring more beauty into the world by creating art? Find ways to use your medium to share messages of love, understanding and equality to a wider audience, further advancing social justice and change.

Ask yourself how you can support the world in its consistent progress and evolution.

Know that your efforts to uplift others will not only gift the world with your compassion and precious presence, but will grant you lasting happiness and a deep sense of purpose.

≫ Find Role Models.

If there’s something you long to pursue, but you don’t know how to get started, seek out individuals who are successful in your field of interest. Ask for their tips, experience and guidance in achieving your own goals.

Do you long to start your own wellness blog, but don’t know how to get started? Then seek out the wisdom of those who have already begun! Is your greatest passion creating painting, but you feel too scared to start selling your pieces? Find a fellow artist who’s successfully done so for encouragement.

On the other side of every success story is a spacious beginning where your role model likely had similar fears, questions and inexperience as you do. Start believing that you are just as capable as those you admire. You need only begin.

Allow your passion to become your purpose.

Howard Thurman once said, “Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Imagine a world where everyone pursued what elevated their spirit, spoke to their heart and fulfilled their deep longing for purpose. I imagine we’d live in a far more harmonious world with a chock full of passionate, inspired individuals.

What can you do to strive towards being one of these vibrant beings?

This is your call to take action.

Explore! Try new things. Discover what feels important to YOU.

And please… be patient.

You are not finishing an assignment for a class… you are not meeting that heavy and ambitious deadline sentenced by your superior…

You are responding to your calling.

This is a joyous, lifelong pursuit. One that will not only nourish you, but also all you touch along your path.

Be inquisitive. Take risks. Believe in yourself and your dreams.

Enjoy the journey.


  • Irene

    Hello Alyse!

    I was trying to find a way to maybe email you, well, contact to you. So beautifully you write in this post above: ‘find role models.’ And you are a person I would like to ask some questions to, i hope you have time! :)
    I am feeling for a long time that i should share my knowledge and passions about food and lifestyle, my experiences, my bliss about raw food en health etc. That i should help people, cause i am good at talking, writing, giving advice etc. (But still lots to learn!) But i didnt know how. I have been sitting down a lot with myself, and i see now that i just have to start. Cause i didnt know where to start. And Even if my mind brings up all kinds of ‘problems’, i should just start somewhere. I feel I should write, cause like you say; think about your traits, experiences and talents you have. Well writing is one of them, i can put well in words what i want to say, i am a butterfly, have experiences with health problems, mind things and lots more. This is also all that interests me. I have a voice. I have something to share and say, thats how i feel. I am so passionate about helping people, i do it all the time of the day. Giving tips, inspiring ect. People being healthy, choosing their heart instead of mind etc. But I dont have one thing i know a lot about, like lets say; raw food. And with that one thing i could open a doctors practice or something. No, i have a variety of things i know about, i have tools and tips on certain topics which can help people make good decisions. But i need to grow still in all this. Learn. Like you wrote: ‘I love doing a variety of things because it keeps me excited and passionate about my “work”.’ I am a kind of butterfly that feels stuck easily in a office or maybe in my own opened ‘doctors practice’. I want to be free, like you are. Not stuck in a company or own practice where people come daily. I want to grow with the blog, with books that i maybe will write, i need to be able to change, to write what i feel about that day or what i have just learned.. I think a blog is just right for me. To start or to have forever. What other ways are there to help people in our field of interest you think, besides blogging, doing things online or opening a doctors practice, or maybe do group gatherings or something? Well, bottemline haha, i want to help people, my field of interests are; health, lifestyle, growth, following your heart, raw foods, veganism, spirituality, be who you are etc. I have a lot of experiences myself and i know i am good at helping people, seeing people and inspiring people. But it is all new to me, starting my own business! I really want to, i feel for a long time that i want to and have to. It is so important, that we follow our bliss and hearts, so we can really help people and create something.
    Well.. my question is, how did you got so good at writing to the point? Where did you get your confident from? You write really professionaly and to the point, clear, and with your opinion. (I am from the netherlands, so excuse me for my english writing ;) ) I would like to learn to write like that, it is also really professional. I assume you learned that somewhere, cause you whole ‘brand’ is professional. You know your concept and what you want to share, how did you get to that point? How do you make your website so professional, i dont like to call it a brand, but it kinda is, right? You have to think about how to make money from this also (while my goal is sharing and helping people, and doing what i love cause i know for so many reasons that that is important for my growth and health, aswell the worlds), cause i want to do this as my job. I want to help people as my job. Share my knowledge. Be inspirational. You also have to think about the psychological things about making your website attractive. Right? How to get money from it online. Any tips also about where i should start? Which website or which questions i should ask myself first? I also found the school you were in.. integrative nutrition. Do they learn you a lot about these things above, how to write, be professional, find your ’concept/idea\way of helping people? Helping you by Finding your voice, starting a website or something, a medium, that fits precisely you, to inspire or help people? Maybe i should do that.. but i also feel that maybe they put you too much in a corner, cause i want to help people with decisions, lifestyle and foodchoices. And just tell people my lessons i get from life, inspire them. Write books. They talk about opening a doctors practice, going to schools to inform them about health, they talk about clients.. Is this school you think too much focust on food for me? (cause i believe you being sick is cause of 2 things; lifestyle (stress) and poison (food), i know they talk about these 2 things, but do they really, or is it more just food? I love food btw, i have been interested in food and health over many years) They also talk a lot about bettering the world, making the world better.. of course i want that, but what i really want is to do something i love in which i can help people. Big or small, one people or hundred. Just something for someone. And i dont know if i want people to be directly my client.. like in a doctors practice or something. I dont feel the urge to go into the world and fight all that is bad. No.. i just want to help on a more peacefull level. What did you think about this school, do they really inspire and help you with starting a business? Maybe you can tell if it is maybe something for me.
    I hope you will want to help me! Thank you in advance, for your time and help! really apreciated!
    Lots of love,

  • Michelle Stiles

    Alyse! Thank you so much for what you do. My boyfriend and I recently became interested in the van life and that’s how I found you. It started a few weeks ago we’re I found myself watching at least one of your videos a day. Your stories and words of encouragement have been helping me slowly crawl out of this depression that I’ve been in! I appreciate you and all that you do!

  • Alejandra Hoyer

    Thanks so much for this amazing, inspirational entry. I loved every part, every sentence, word you shared on it!. Thanks for your radiant light! Love. Alejandra

  • Maggie Long

    Hi Alyse. Just wanted to let you know that this message shined light on a not so sunny day. Very grateful for you!!

  • Haley Demuth

    thank you so much! you are so inspiring

  • OM.Yunlin/Laura

    Hello Alyse! What a beautiful post and a great message within it. You’ve inspired me to again treat my life as a gift; my body a temple. I forgot that life is not about ticking off boxes, it’s about being at your fullest potential and being in a state of balance. You ARE one of my role models and you have sparked my journey to unconditional love of others. Thank you!!!

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